Epic Rival

The 4th Great Ninja War is near. Two Hidden Leaf ninja say goodbye to where they grew into ninja, by holding a ceremony to test their own resolve.

Directed By:
Christopher C. Cowan & Haile Lee

Written By:
Haile Lee

Cinematography, Action Design & Editing By:
Christopher C. Cowan

Choreography & Coordination By:
Brendon Huor

Alvin Hsing
Cherry Xu
Shota Tamada
Emi Kamito

Visual Effects Supervisor:
Mohammad Forouhar

Elliot Dural, the Patriarch of the Lion clan, goes over the various mistakes he’s made in his life as he now faces a new challenge that may lead to bloodshed and war. He begins to leave the compound in the dead of night, making a decision that may end his own life for the sake of his clansmen. Greeting him at the exit is Ida, one of the eldest remaining clansmen and mother figure to all, she begs Elliot to rethink his decision and reminds him that the burden of their fate does not solely rest on his shoulders. This discussion between the wise leaders of the Lion clan is but one instance in a chain of events that will spark the conflict throughout Clandestine. Here is where our story begins…

Clandestine Score Composed By: Andrew Prahlow

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Hey all!
We’re glad to finally show you the short Ninja Turtles homage that the Epic Rival team has been working on for the past while. A fun, stylistic (and human :p) take on what a sparring session could look like between the four green ninja that started it all. We hope you all enjoy!
Clandestine updates soon!

The Writers and Directors behind Thousand Pounds Action Company have come together as a development and production unit to create high-concept story with actionable deliverables.


Epic Rival’s purpose is to bring engaging storytelling and a unique eye to the fantasy/action genre. Our name stands as a challenge to all of the dichotomies we’ve seen in modern media. Flash versus Substance. Originality versus Marketability. We are here to stand as a rival to mediocrity, to use our creative story-telling and adrenaline pumping action to show people worlds and stories they’ve never imagined.


Christopher C. Cowan


Haile Lee


Lex Randleman